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Savitri Devi Temple prasad Pushkar

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You will receive special worshiped prasad:

  • Dry Prasad Mishri Mix 
  • Roli & Moli
  • Sacred Bracelet/Locket

Prasad Delivery Process: After recieving the order, our associate offers prasad in the temple on your behalf, it is then carefully packed and made ready for shipment. Our delivery partner then collects the package and delivers it to the devotee.

About the temple: The Savitri devi temple is established on one of the hills, known as Ratnagiri., the highest on the southwest in Puskar which houses the Goddess Savitri, the estranged wife of Brahma. The savitri hill is around 750 feet elevated by near by surrounding. Pilgrimage to savitri hill is 1.5Kms and is strenuous and hard. The legend behind this temple is quite interesting. Brahma wanted to perform a yajna (sacrifice) in Kartika (Oct/Nov), and he was in search of a suitable place to perform the yajna. The lotus from his hand fell down, rebounded, and fell at three places, from where water sprang. Thus Brahma decided to perform the yajna at Pushkar.

The yajna, however, could not be performed without his wife, Savitri, by his side, and she was late. Brahma therefore had to request Indra to arrange a marriage for him so that he could fulfill the religious obligations. The priest manifested a daughter called Gayatri. Because she was an untouchable, she was put into the mouth of a cow and removed from the other end, which totally purified her. Gaya means “cow” and tri means “passed through.” When Savitri arrived, she saw that Brahma had married without her permission, so she cursed him that he would be worshiped only at Pushkar. Enraged, Savitri went and established a temple on top of Rathkagir, the hill a little south of Pushkar.


This temple is on a hill Ratnagiri , south of Puskar, the place where famous Brahma temple is located. Further, it is believed that here harder one tries, the more tapas (heat generated by penance) is gained & the devotees are blessed.