Kamakhya Temple, Assam

The Kamakhya Devi Temple is a Hindu temple, situated in Assam, Kamakhya Temple is located on Nilachal Hills in western part of Guwahati on adjoining banks of Brahmaputra River the Kamakhya temple is dedicated to the tantric goddesses. Apart from the deity Kamakhya Devi, compound of the temple houses 10 other avatars of Kali namely Dhumavati, Matangi, Bagola, Tara, Kamala, Bhairavi, Chinnamasta, Bhuvaneshwari and Tripuara Sundari.


The temple of Kamakhya has a very interesting story of its origin. It is one of the 108 Shakti peeths. The story of the Shakti peeths goes like this; once Sati fought with her husband Shiva to attend her father's great yagna. At the grand yagna, Sati's father Daksha insulted her husband. Sati was angered and in her shame, she jumped into the fire and killed herself. When Shiva came to know that his beloved wife had committed suicide, he went insane with rage. He placed Sati's dead body on his shoulders and did the tandav or dance of destruction. To calm him down, Vishnu cut the dead body with his chakra. The 108 places where Sati's body parts fell are called Shakti peeths. Kamakhya temple is special because Sati's womb and vagina fell here.

SANCTUM: Goddess Kamakhya


5:30 AM –

Snana of the Pithasthana.

6:00 AM –

Nitya puja.

8:00 AM –

Temple door open for devotees.

1:00 PM – Temple door closed for cooked offerings to the goddess followed by distribution among the devotees.

2:30 PM –

Temple door reopens for the devotees.

5:30 PM –

Aarati of Goddess followed by closing of the temple door for the night.



Visitors can hire an auto-rickshaw/trekker/taxi from Guwahati Railway Station or any other part of the city. Regular Buses of Assam Tourism Department also ply to and fro Kamakhya Temple connecting it to parts of Guwahati.



The Temple is about 20 km from Guwahati Airport, which is linked to all major Airports across India. Regular flights connect it to Kolkata, New Delhi, Bagdogra, Chennai and other cities of India.



Kamakhya Mandir is about 6 km from Guwahati railway station, which is the largest Railway Station of North-Eastern India. It is well connected to all major cities via regular trains.


Bhuvaneswari Temple: It is a temple dedicated to Goddess Bhuvaneshwari located on the topmost point of Nilachal Hills. The view of Brahmaputra river from the temple is breathtaking.

Uma Nanda Temple: It is a 17th century temple on a river island of the same name is dedicated to Shiva. It was built by Ahom king Gadapani on this picturesque Brahmaputra isle, also called Peacock island.

 Ugro Tara Temple Lotaxil: A temple dedicated to the deity Tara. The goddess in the sanctum sanctorum is not an idol but a pit of water.

Navagraha Temple: It is an 18th century temple at dedicated to nine Celestial bodies is atop Chitrasal Hill, the second highest hill in Guwahati.



Official Address of the Kamakhya Debutter Board:

Kamakhya Temple Complex

Kamakhya, Guwahati-781010,


Phone: + 91-0361-2734624, + 91-0361-2734654

E-Mail: panda@kamakhyatemple.org

Web: http://www.kamakhyadham.com/

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