Chintamani Temple, Theur

The Chintamani Temple of Theur is located 25 km from Pune and is dedicated to Ganesha, the elephant-headed god of wisdom. This temple is considered as "one of the most famous" of the Ashtavinayaka’s, the eight revered shrines of Ganesha in the Maharashtra. The temple describes how Ganesha retrieved the wish-giving jewel Chintamani for his devotee, the sage Kapila from the greedy king Gana. It also explains how he pacifies the mind of the god Brahma, who meditated on him in Theur. The temple is associated with the Ganapatya saint Morya Gosavi. The temple is believed to have existed since antiquity but the current structure of the temple was built by him or his descendant. Not only this, it is also a spiritual abode for the Peshwa rulers, especially Madhavrao I (1745–1772) who renovated the temple structure in a beautiful manner.

Architecture of the Temple:

The main gate of the temple is located to the North but the central icon of Chintamani-Ganesha faces East. The temple has a wooden Sabha-mandapa (assembly hall), which was built by Madhavrao. The hall also has a black stone water fountain in it. The central shrine is dedicated to Ganesha and the temple also comprises small shrines i.e. Mahadeva Temple, Vishnu-Lakshmi temple, Hanuman temple etc. Behind the temple is the Peshwa Wada – the Peshwa Palace. The central icon of Ganesha is considered self-manifested. The icon is interpreted to be seated in cross-legged posture. The icon is smeared with sindur like rest of the Ashtavinyaka images.


Architecture: Mandir architecture

Address: Theur, Theur, Maharashtra 412110

Phone: 020 2791 2309

Worship Timings of the Temple:

Morning Darshan - 6 AM to 1 PM

Evening Darshan - 2 PM to 10 PM

How to Reach ?

  • By Road: Theur is nearly 25 km from Pune. Several state-run buses operate from Pune and Mumbai to Theur.

  • By Rail: The nearest railway station is Pune. The Pune station connects to major Indian cities.

  • By Air: The nearest airport is at Pune, which connects to all major Indian cities.


The temple complex features a Bhakta Nivas maintained by the temple trust for the devotees who wishes to stay there. Some 4 or 5 temples in the Ashtavinayak circuit are under the Chinchwad Ganpati Temple Trust who manage accommodations in their Bhakta Niwas or Devotees/pilgrims.

Top Attractions Near the Temple:

Bhima Gada: Adjacent to the Girijatmaj Temple, cave no. 6 houses a Buddhist stupa. This is popular as Bhima’s Gada. This stupa has good acoustics that allows sounds to echo.

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